Our mission is to actively foster reconciliation in Canada by providing comprehensive education and training programs that promote understanding, awareness, and unity. We are dedicated to creating a respectful and inclusive environment where diverse communities can come together to learn, heal, and build a shared future grounded in mutual respect and collaboration.

Our mission is to actively foster reconciliation in Canada by providing comprehensive education and training programs that promote understanding, awareness, and unity. We are dedicated to creating a respectful and inclusive environment where diverse communities can come together to learn, heal, and build a shared future grounded in mutual respect and collaboration.

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Pamela Carter


Pamela Carter, also known as Wiyan Pejute Luta/Red Medicine Woman, hails from the Tsimshian and Ditidaht Nations of the BC Coast. As an intergenerational survivor of the Indian Residential School system, Pamela's journey is one of healing and reconnection with her Indigenous roots, symbolized by her family crest, the Orca whale, and her belonging to the house of the Eagle. Her work in various roles, including Health Support Worker, Youth Addictions Counsellor, and Indigenous Family Support Worker, reflects her dedication to helping Survivors regain balance and embrace cultural healing practices. Pamela plays an instrumental role in conducting ceremonies like sweatlodges and pipe ceremonies for the reconnection and healing of Indigenous people. As the owner of Bear Standing Tall Inc., she is committed to sharing her journey and knowledge, guiding others in becoming allies to Indigenous communities.

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Jason Carter


Jason Carter, also known as Bear Standing Tall, is Nehiyaw and proud member of Onion Lake Cree Nation, treaty 6 territory. As an intergenerational survivor of the Indian Residential School system in Canada, Jason's journey is one of healing and resilience. He has a rich academic background, having attended various universities and colleges across North America. Settling in Toronto, Jason delved into social entrepreneurship at the Centre for Social Innovation in Regent Park.

He is the author of "How to Ally with Indigenous Peoples," a testament to his commitment to sharing and educating about Indigenous Knowledge. His passion led him to create a cloud-based business focusing on digital awareness for corporate sectors on Cultural Awareness and building alliances with Indigenous Peoples. Alongside his life and business partner, Pamela Carter, Jason continues to be a bridge between Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities, promoting understanding, respect, and unity.

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Uniting Paths: A Journey of resilience, Knowledge, and Entrepreneurship

Jason and Pamela Carter’s lives, individually rich in culture, resilience, and healing, have been intertwined since their marriage in 2013. This union marked the beginning of a collaborative journey, one that has deeply impacted their personal lives and professional endeavors.

Originally from the Onion Lake Cree Nation and the Tsimshian and Ditidaht Nations of the BC Coast respectively, their journey took a significant turn when they moved to Ontario. This move was driven by Jason's pursuit of graduate studies and was a stepping stone to their eventual settlement in Toronto. It was in this vibrant city that they discovered the world of Social Entrepreneurship, a field that resonated with their aspirations and values.

Combining Jason's profound understanding of Indigenous Knowledge with Pamela's deep-rooted connection to her cultural and spiritual heritage, they embarked on a mission to create reconciliation and build bridges. Their focus was not just between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Peoples, but also encompassed newcomers to Canada, embracing a holistic approach to unity and understanding.

Together, they founded Bear Standing Tall Inc., an Indigenous First Nations Woman-Owned cloud-based digital awareness company. This venture is a testament to their commitment to impact lives positively, having reached over 100,000 people through their innovative online business. Their family business is a reflection of their Indigenous teachings, emphasizing the importance of fostering good relations and contributing positively to the world around them.

Jason and Pamela believe in leaving the world better than they found it, actively being part of the solution towards reconciliation in Canada. Their work and life are dedicated to making Turtle Island a better place for future generations, guided by their experiences as proud intergenerational survivors on healing journeys.

Jason and Pamela Carter are committed to inspiring, educating, and fostering connections, united by their vision of promoting awareness, unity, and positive change. Come along on their extraordinary journey as they work towards creating a world of reconciliation, unity, and heightened awareness.

Our Services

Indigenous Awareness Training for Corporations

Tailored for corporations in Canada with over 300 employees, our Indigenous Awareness Training focuses on:

- Reconciliation, Progresive Aboriginal Relations, Diversity and Inclusion, Awareness Training.

- Fostering Relationships with Indigenous Peoples in Canada

Digital Indigenous Awareness Cultural Sensitivity Certificate Training

High Level Digital eLearning for busy professionals.

On demand learning solutions.

Reconciliation Advisory Services

We provide advising and guidance on reconciliation.

Our services include strategies for fostering positive relationships with Indigenous communities.

Subject Matter Expert eLearning Creation

Our team creates custom eLearning content tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization.

Indigenous Awareness Training for Executives and Senior Management

Specialized training programs designed for CEO’s, executives and senior management, focusing on

Indigenous awareness and understanding.

eLearning Course Licensing

We offer licensing options for our eLearning courses, allowing organizations to use our content within their own learning management systems or use ours.

eLearning Program Purchase

Corporations can purchase our eLearning programs for use within their training initiatives.

In-Person Indigenous Awareness Training

We provide in-person training sessions for Corporations seeking a more experiential and engaging learning experience.

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Why Choose Us?

Business Nature: First Nations Indigenous woman-owned, family-operated enterprise.

Specialization: Certified Cultural Awareness Trainers and Certified Aboriginal Business.

Unique Perspective: Personal experience as residential school survivors and intergenerational survivors.

Methodology: Digital, cloud-based approach for education and training programs.

Focus Area: High-level overview of Indigenous issues in Canada, integrating grass-roots research and indigenous knowledge.

Alignment with National Initiatives: Actively responding to Call to Action 92, aligning with Progressive Aboriginal Relations (PAR) Program standards.

Target Audience: Tailored for CEOs, executives, and senior management in large corporations with 300 Plus employees.

Training Approach: Face-to-face sessions and digital programs for awareness, allyship, and good relations.

Services Offered: Licensing of training assets, advisory services, and strategic partnerships.

Impact Goal: Inspire change and action towards reconciliation and understanding.

Certification: Participants receive a certificate of completion.

Personal Touch: Family stories and pictures in training for relatability and impact.

Mission: Our mission is to actively foster reconciliation in Canada by providing comprehensive education and training programs that promote understanding, awareness, and unity. We are dedicated to creating a respectful and inclusive environment where diverse communities can come together to learn, heal, and build a shared future grounded in mutual respect and collaboration.

History of Indigenous Peoples

  • Mi’Kmaq Leader Welcomes French (1693)
  • The Fur Trade Royal Charter (1670)
  • Smallpox Blankets Given to Indigenous People (1763)
  • The Royal Proclamation (1763)
  • Killing of Buffalo to Restrict Access to Food (1800’s)
  • Métis: Red River Resistance and the Manitoba Act (1870)
  • Inuit “a Federal Responsibility” (1924-1929)
  • E-Numbers (1940’s-1970’s)
  • Sixties Scoop (1959)
  • Nunavut Territory is Created (1999)
  • Starlight Tours (2000’s)
  • Missing and Murdered Indigenous Woman &Girls (2016)
  • Exoneration of Tsilhqot’in Chiefs hanged in 1864(2018)
  • Boil Water Advisories in Indigenous Communities
  • Housing Crisis – Attawaspikat, Kashechewan, BigTroutLake
  • High Victimization Rates Among Women
  • Overrepresentation in Prison System
  • Trans Mountain Expansion (TMX) Pipeline

Indigenous Law

Treaties and Indigenous Rights

  • Oka Resistance (1990)
  • The Royal Commission on Aboriginal People (1996)
  • The Delgamuukw Decision (1997)
  • Nisga'a Final Agreement (1998)
  • Canadian Confederation - Quebec, Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick sign the British North America Act

Indigenous Crown Relations

  • The Indian Act Established (1876)
  • History of the Indian Act (1876 - 1985)
  • A National Crime (1927)
  • The Indian Act Established (1876)
  • Nunavut Land Claim Agreement (1993)
  • Early Treaties (1600 - 1763)
  • Two Row Wampum (1613)
  • The Robinson Treaties (1850)
  • Early Treaties (1600 - 1763)
  • The Douglas Treaties (1850 - 1854)
  • First Nations Granted the Right to Vote (1960)
  • The Numbered Treaties (1871 - 1920)
  • The White Paper (1969)
  • The Beginning of the Era of Modern Treaties (1973)
  • Idle No More (2012)
  • A Matter of National and Constitutional Import (2016)
  • Indigenous Rights Framework (2018)

The Alberni Residential School building that opened in 1941. UCCA, 1993.049P/435.

Residential Schools

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K-Line Group of Companies

“ I thought the title is subtle and allowed me to think I knew some of the history before getting a reality check. It delivers the right message, it will take us all working together, understanding the past in its absolute horrifying truth, owning all the wrongs of the past and loudly and shamefully, so we remember in moving forward to never repeat them. Thank you for this education.”

Donald Brosseau

K-Line Group of Companies

“I know far too many people who should complete this training. I live in an area where there are several First Nations and not enough education.”

Nikki Logan

K-Line Group of Companies

“Very informative

I'm an international student, although I was aware of some of the issues and terrors the indigenous peoples had and still are Facing I did not know it was to this extent. Being black myself I was able to sympathize even more, especially knowing how ignorance can really hurt others. Thank you and I will be sure to carry what was thought with me in life!!”

Elijah Ankomah

K-Line Group of Companies

“highly educational and well organized and presented.”

Abdurazag Beshna

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How to Ally with Indigenous Peoples


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Indigenous Protocols

Indigneous Worldview & Philosophy

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How to Ally with Indigenous Peoples


Intro to Smudging


Indigenous Protocols


Indigneous Worldview & Philosophy


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How to Ally with Indigneous Peoples


Intro to Smudging


Indigenous Protocols


Indigneous Worldview & Philosophy

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4 Pack

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How to Ally with Indigenous Peoples

How to Ally with Indigenous Peoples: A Comprehensive Training Program

In an era where the pursuit of equity and justice is paramount, our training program, "How to Ally with Indigenous Peoples," offers a profound and insightful journey into the heart of Indigenous experiences and perspectives in Canada. This in-person session, expertly facilitated by Bear Standing Tall, is specifically tailored for corporate audiences seeking to deepen their understanding and engagement with Indigenous communities.

Our program delves into critical historical and contemporary issues, providing an in-depth exploration of pivotal topics such as The Doctrine of Discovery, Terra Nullius, The Indian Act, Reservations, The Pass System, Treaties, Residential Schools, and the ongoing crisis of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls. Additionally, the workshop introduces participants to The Four Sacred Gifts for all Humanity, a cornerstone concept in Indigenous wisdom.

What sets this training apart is its unique and respectful approach to learning. We employ a non-colonized methodology, ensuring that the content is delivered in a manner that is experiential, engaging, authentic and respectful. Our use of advanced video and audio technology enhances the learning experience, making it immersive and engaging.

This workshop is designed to cater to the holistic development of participants, addressing all four aspects of human being: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. We place a strong emphasis on experiential learning, engaging all five senses - touch, smell, sound, sight, and taste to create a truly comprehensive and memorable educational experience.

Join us in this enlightening journey towards understanding and allyship, and take a significant step in contributing to a more equitable and inclusive society.

Introduction to Smudging

Introduction to Smudging: Embracing Ancient Wisdom in Modern Contexts

Delve into the ancient practice of smudging with our workshop, "Introduction to Smudging," designed to provide practical tools and insights for understanding and integrating this profound wisdom into both personal and professional realms. This program is tailored for individuals and teams eager to incorporate a meaningful aspect of cultural sensitivity into their daily lives and work environments.

Upon completion of this program, participants will have developed a deep appreciation for the four common medicines traditionally used by Indigenous Peoples across Turtle Island. The session offers a comprehensive guide on the art of smudging, covering essential aspects such as the appropriate contexts, timings, and reasons that make smudging a valuable practice in various settings.

Participants will be equipped to lead their teams in acknowledging and respecting this significant cultural practice. The workshop also delves into the historical, legal, and current relevance of smudging in the workplace, providing a well-rounded understanding of its importance and application.

This program is more than just a learning experience; it's an opportunity to bridge cultural gaps and foster an environment of inclusivity and respect. Embrace the journey towards a more culturally sensitive and aware professional environment by integrating the timeless wisdom of smudging into your daily practices.

Indigenous Protocol Consultation

Indigenous Protocol Consultation: Professional Training for Corporate Canada

This in-person training session, tailored for corporations in Canada and facilitated by Bear Standing Tall and offers a comprehensive program titled "Indigenous Protocol Consultation." The program is designed to equip professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to respectfully engage with Indigenous Elders and Knowledge & Wisdom Keepers.

Throughout the workshop, participants will be encouraged to broaden their perspectives and 'Indigenize' their worldviews. This involves gaining a deeper understanding of traditional protocols, including the respectful approach, invitation, and inclusion of these esteemed individuals in the corporate setting.

A key focus of the session is applying best practices on the creation and delivery of traditional and territorial land acknowledgements. Participants will enhance their knowledge of Land acknowledgements and cultural sensitivity, ensuring they are appropriate and meaningful for various corporate events and meetings.

This program is an invaluable opportunity for corporate professionals to enhance their cultural competency and understanding of Indigenous protocols. It aims to foster a respectful and inclusive environment in the workplace, aligning corporate practices with the rich traditions and wisdom of Indigenous cultures. Join us to make a positive impact in your professional interactions and contribute to a more culturally aware corporate Canada.

Indigenous Worldview & Philosophies

Indigenous Worldview & Philosophies: Enriching Professional Practice through Understanding

Embark on an enlightening journey with our workshop, "Indigenous Worldview & Philosophies," designed to deepen your comprehension of the rich and diverse perspectives inherent in Indigenous cultures. This program is an invaluable resource for professionals seeking to infuse their interactions, practices, and workplace environments with a nuanced understanding of the historical and contemporary frameworks that shape the strengths and belief systems of the Peoples of Turtle Island.

Central to this workshop is the exploration of the Medicine Wheel Philosophy, a foundational aspect of Indigenous teachings. Participants will gain insights into how this philosophy intricately links Indigenous identity and culture with personal and societal value systems, all within the encompassing concept of the Circle of Life.

Through this immersive experience, you will not only enhance your professional capabilities but also enrich your personal understanding of the world. This workshop is an opportunity to view your environment through a lens that values the interconnectedness of all life, fostering a deeper respect for the diverse ways of knowing and being that shape our world. Join us in embracing a broader, more inclusive perspective that can transform both your professional and personal life.